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Here is how to get an even lower interest rate on your new mortgage

1. Improve your credit score 

2. Shop Rates 

3. Get a shorter term loan 15, 20 or 25 year term

4. Lock in your mortgage rate

5. Refinance your mortgage when rates drop

6. Put a larger down payment, 20% down payment          will also save you the PMI and reduce your                      monthly payment.

7. Get an ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) and                   refinance when rates drop

8. As a last option: Buy mortgage points, since it is           very expensive, costing thousands of dollars.

Banks are not the best option when buying a home. Banks are great for banking and HELOC Loans, but only if they waive the closing cost.                      

A mortgage broker will shop rates for you on average between 3-5 lenders to offer you the best rate with the same credit report. This will prevent your credit getting pulled multiple times with hard inquiries that can impact your credit score.  A Mortgage Broker will do all the shopping for you and save you money and time.  Mortgage Brokers even shop rates with wholesale local banks. We are Mortgage Brokers, and we will shop rates for you, call us today!


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